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Skcript - All Bright And Shiny!

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"I spent half my day at work contemplating on whether I should write this post or not. My company's new website is coming up and I'm completely out of words. Now I'm fully convinced that I'm a bad employee."

Maybe thats exactly how not to write a post for your company!

And thats exactly what happened to me this morning. I completely blanked out, even now I don't know what to say or type. Am I supposed to say something? Yes you're supposed to. Everyone is supposed to. Nothing is ever going get known if we keep mum about it. So talk. Just talk. Actually no, lets talk.

Lets just take the deep formal discussion a notch down, shall we? Hello, we're Skcript! We're a young and fresh global consulting company and we make disruptive products that will transform the world. We're into building great products that will power the future and all our products are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning based. We have some amazing people at work and together we're revolutionizing the world with our tech. Basically, we're cool.

Our present website is great. We like it. But off late, I get the feeling that we've always missed out on the little things - the smallest of things that make the biggest of differences. Our new website has been in the works for about a few weeks now, and I think we've now covered all of those little things we might have missed. We are young, fresh, bold and energetic. And the new Skcript site translates all of those adjectives into HTML. We love it. We think its us. Hell, it is us.

We're super excited to share with you, the new and improved Skcript. It's brilliant, polished, shiny and brand new. We love what we do and do what we love. We're brimming with intelligence through design. We think we've finally gotten there. And we would like you to see for yourself too!

We've got a ton of new things on this one - blog posts, new team members, exciting products and case studies. The best case studies, we're going to make them amazing - because we're the best at what we do. We're sure you're going to love it as much as we do. With us, your ideas can go to infinity and beyond!

So I've quoted Buzz Lightyear and talked and talked, you must wonder who I am. Oh, I'm just someone inconsequential. I just love to talk. And I love Buzz too! Don't mind me and don't keep scrolling up and down to make sense of this entire post, go have a look at our new website!

I'll just catch up with Buzz and be back and then we can rattle on some more!

Visit the new site

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