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August Labs to help enterprises work at the speed of startups 🎉

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is big a term to fathom - that too when first read in a single shot. A couple of years ago, AI was still being discovered and it's scope was unknown. This was say, four, five years ago. Fast forward to 2017, it's now a generic term that is almost synonymous both inside and outside of the tech industry.

At Skcript, AI forms the core of what we do. We take your idea and transform it into outstanding user-centric products. Up until now, we've been functioning as one entity that does design (both for mobile and web-based applications) and AI. We've done some great work on websites, our favorite being - not to be biased, but that's the kind of thing that we do, you land at a website and it should make you go Wow! That's what we're chasing - the wow factor in everything that we do.

And on one normal day at the Skcript HQ, we thought why not have a entire wing that does only AI? We thought about it for a whole day and we decided to go for it. As I write this, my colleagues are furiously coding away bringing August Labs to life.

August Labs is Skcript's new wing that majorly deals with AI and AI Consulting. At August Labs, we make sure that your business stays agile by providing you with the most optimized solutions. Our promise is deliver a well-designed product that embodies all your requirement thus helping your business achieve the growth that is deserves.

We have already developed a unique product cycle that begins with a deep analysis and ends with a market ready MVP that embodies your business' uniqueness and inherent value proposition. We also carefully assess your product and find it's critical problem areas, inconsistencies, and bottlenecks, which leads to previously undiscovered potentials and new ways to increase engagement and product value. After validating the most urgent issues we begin an iterative design process. Our cycle of continuous improvement lets us craft modern user experiences with guaranteed and verifiable results.

With August Labs, we aim to help businesses stay fast and on top of their game, always.

Lead change, ideate revolution.

Come, join us as we celebrate launching August Labs!

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