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Our Chief Architect talks at the JavaScript Chennai Meetup

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Our Chief Technical Architect talks at the Chennai JavaScript Meetup this Saturday. Join us!

Fresh after having attended Google IO ’17 at San Francisco, Varun, our Chief Technical Architect has been thinking aloud (a lot!) about playing with Google Assistant and Firebase. Both these platforms had major updates at I/O ’17 and thanks to these updates, a sea of opportunities has now opened up for developers.

Feeling the need to widen Firebase and it’s cloud functions to a larger audience, Varun will be talking about “Firebase Cloud Functions” at the Chennai JavaScript Meetup on June 10th (Saturday), 3:30 pm at Real Image Media Technologies.

So if you want to know about Firebase and what else you can do with it, be sure to attend this talk! Click on this link and register to attend ☺️

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