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Our CTO talks at Ignite 2017

Swaathi Kakarla joins the panel and will be speaking at Ignite 2017 hosted by MOP Vaishnav College.

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Our CTO talks at Ignite 2017

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Our CTO talks at Ignite 2017

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Ignite 2017 is a National Entrepreneurship Summit organized by MOP Vaishnav College that unites entrepreneurs, company owners, prominent media persons, leaders, changemakers and educators. With a series of workshops, panel discussions and competitions this summit spans over two days aiming to inspire and innovate.

Our CTO, Swaathi Kakarla is joining the panel and will be talking about whether entrepreneurship is an inherent part of one’s lineage or if it’s a new age fad. Entrepreneurship is a vibrant topic to discuss, and you can catch this panel discussion on 9th December 2017 at the MOP Vaishnav Auditorium.

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