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Should I choose Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0 over Fabric 1.0 for my private blockchain?

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Karthik Kamalakannan

The Hyperledger Blockchain project is at its peak right now. With big companies like IBM and technology based companies like us, contributing to the project, the project is seeing faster development cycles than it had before. This is something we're definitely proud of.

The recently announced Enterprise Ready Sawtooth 1.0 is big. The Sawtooth project, which was moved from Intel to the Linux Foundation, is something that aligns a bit with Hyperledger Fabric, but with a little more maturity.

The biggest area where both the project differ are in the philosophy behind the projects.

Hyperledger Sawtooth for example, focuses on creating very secure way to handle your smart contracts, with stricter rules and consensus.

Hyperledger Fabric on the other hand, can optionally enforce these rules, which helps a lot of different private blockchain providers right now.

If you are looking to build a very secure, strictly distributed private blockchain, Sawtooth would be the best choice. Here's why, Sawtooth 1.0 is a major release in the history of Hyperledger Project:

Distributed ledger; Sawtooth aims to have distributed ledgers, truly distributed.

Secure Smart Contracts; With a strict policy to have your information truly distributed, the Smart Contracts are safer and Enterprise ready.

BFT Enabled; When I saw that Sawtooth is Enterprise ready, the major reason is that it comes with Byzantine Fault Tolerance features. This BFT feature gives much higher tolerance rate than the Crash Fault Tolerance in Fabric.

Global State Agreement enforces; This module gives a assurance that each node has exact same copy of the database as the other notes in the blockchain network. Backed heavily by cryptography.

Parallel Transactions; The ability to have parallel transactions with Sawtooth makes all the difference. Thus reducing the amount of time it takes to process transactions in the system.

So, should I choose Fabric or Sawtooth?

The decision purely depends on your use-case. A well experienced Blockchain Consultant will be able to help you make this decision faster.

If you are looking at a private blockchain network that holds highly sensitive data and a sensitive smart contract, Sawtooth could be one option you should consider.

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