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Signs that a good employee is about to quit.

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Karthik Kamalakannan

A new research has revealed that there are some common traits of employees who are about to quit the company. The research was headed by Mr. Tim Gardner of Utah State University.

Here are the 10 pointers that Gardner found out in their study:

  • They show less interest in advancing in their career
  • They avoid social interactions with their peers
  • Their way of working vastly varies and they care less about their working
  • They are more reserved and quiet
  • They are reluctant for long-term projects
  • Their interactivity in meetings drop heavily
  • Fewer new ideas come from them during brainstorming sessions
  • Their productivity drops
  • They are not committed to new trainings and new opportunities
  • They are reluctant to adopting to new processes in the organization
  • They stop going beyond the call of duty

While these are just some pointers, a good manager is someone who gets these issues of the employee and try to address them before it gets out of hand.

But, not all company's managers have the luxury of handling these issues in and out. That's where products like UnderstandBetter comes into picture. UnderstandBetter automatically knows how to analyze all these data pointers and alert the managers about any employee leaving the company, before it gets out of hand.

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