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Simple Steps To Run Hyperledger Fabric Composer Network With Multiple Organization

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Varun Raj

I've created a sample project with the help of composer's multi organization tutorial ( And here I'll be talking about how to use my scripts and the things to be remembered while setting up the composer profiles and network cards.

Setting up the project

As the first step, clone our sample Repo from Github.

git clone

This has everything already setup and you just need to run the below mentioned scripts for getting it up and running.

Script to start the network

Here is the collection scripts that are extracted from the composer's official documentation for running multi organization fabric.

./ # This is to remove the docker images. ./ ./ -m generate ./ -m up -s couchdb -a ./

Points To Remember

  1. Make sure that you've generated your own certificates with ./ -m generate
  2. Replace the certificates path in all the composer card create steps of
  3. Later if you want to create customized domain and organization names edit the docker compose files of byfn

In my future articles, I'll write about how to run it in multiple host machines with corresponding scripts.

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