Skcript Announces S/LAB - A nested Startup Within Skcript

S/LAB, a new nested startup inside Skcript that aims to explore the possibility of technologies like never before launches today. Learn more.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Karthik Kamalakannan

Skcript Announces S/LAB - A nested Startup Within Skcript

Chennai, India — Skcript today announced a new nested startup called S/LAB to enable significant expansion in the research and development activities in the company. S/LAB is a research first startup, where the goal is to explore distant technologies from the future and see how they can adopt to today's environment.

The group got its official name only a few weeks back, but the concept has been piloting internally for a few months now. The lab, being named as S/LAB, has been piloting internally for quite some time now, and the group of people who work at S/LAB has been tasting success with some research activities. Today's announcement marks not just the launch of this new initiative, but also a new leader who would be running this group at Skcript, Swetha Suresh.

Talking about this idea, Swetha Suresh, who originally came up with the idea said:

"I believe the S/LAB will act as a bridge that mediates the gap between Design & Technological innovations and people's real needs."

With Skcript's support Swetha aims to create a space for Skcripters to push boundaries, create and pave way for the future. She believes this will be a space to do things that will keep Skripters reading, researching and making. S/LAB already has quite a few exciting ideas in the pipeline, which shows a fresh perspective on everyday user experiences. Few ideas are very personal to the contributors, while few are just because they are fun to do.

"In S/LAB, creativity will be the forerunner and practicality is going to take a back seat", said Swetha Suresh. S/LAB mantra is to Ideate, Innovate, Build and Create. The idea might solve a problem or not but it will challenge them to tread new avenues, learn new skills and basically scratch their creative itch.

We are excited to see all the amazing things that come out of this new venture. We wish Swetha and everyone at Skcript all the very best.

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Last updated: November 21st, 2023 at 6:56:16 PM GMT+0


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