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Important Leadership Principles at Skcript

Hellonext, Inc.

Karthik Kamalakannan

The following are not just a bunch of words/posters hanging around at our offices. These are principles to work hard, create things that many just dreamed of and the principles to live by every moving moment. These are the principles that makes Skcript, Skcript.

Obsession to quality

  • It's okay to have a little OCD when it comes to work
  • Quality speaks worth.
  • Don't leave any stone unturned - look at even the minutest of things, making it great
  • Always remember, good design means good business

Always be learning

  • Learning is like eating your favorite candy - you can't get enough of it
  • It's a constant process, it doesn't stop - you're always learning, always evolving
  • Be a sponge, absorb things
  • Keep an endless brain reserve for knowledge
  • Learning is like a highway - you have to keep driving to get further and further

Hire people who do

  • Work with people who challenge and inspire you
  • Hire people who will never say never
  • Don't let them stop at anything
  • Get people who are raring to go - even if the face of the Earth is destroyed, these people will be there to lift you up

Go big

  • You will be able to go big only if you think big
  • The reason why we have Go Big is to push people who can do things, rather than just thinking
  • Go big, or nothing

Trust people

  • Trust people with their job
  • Believe that together with them your company can make things great
  • Everyone has a voice - listen to them
  • Listen to your gut - it's always right
  • Hope and dream, always

Respect time

  • Time means everything
  • What you do, when and how you do it matters
  • Time is of essence - don't procrastinate, don't push things for later
  • Tackle tasks head on, as and when they come
  • Time doesn't wait for anyone, so get your work done when the night is young

Finish what you started

  • Always work with a goal in mind
  • Follow your goal relentlessly, never cave in
  • Say no to half-baked work, don't accept it
  • Never leave your work mid-way, it doesn't show promise

Culture eats strategy

  • All great companies want people to succeed, the environment at work helps them stay on top
  • Create a culture that's unique
  • Make sure that you are there for your employees
  • If the CEO is not passionate enough to innovate culture, the company remains redundant
  • Happy work culture, happier employees

Make people happy

  • Don't bore people with data and research, instead excite them interesting logic
  • Respect people's social connection - talk like it's coffee time every time
  • Email people you admire
  • Let people craft their own job

Every single leader at Skcript has these principles embedded in them, and that's what makes our work, the way it is.

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