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10 ways to create a friendly employee workplace

Hellonext, Inc.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Over the years, I have noticed a new trend in the way companies have grown big, where CEOs spend a ton of resources investing in their own employees. Some companies like Google, Freshdesk and Facebook are just becoming the best at doing this.

These companies have cracked the employee incentive programs. While many companies are trying to offer employee benefits that 'sounds cool', these companies do something different that clicks with their people.

Here are some of the benefits that great companies provide in common:

Food - Providing healthy food is essential. After all, its one less headache for them when they come to work.

Flexibility - Everyone respects their own hobby. Allowing people to work during their most productive hours of the day changes everything.

Paid Time Off - People need to take some time-off to relax.

Feedback Channel - Opening up a seamless feedback channel for employees to express their issues and thoughts about the company is also a luxury in many companies. But you can do this easily with products that are readily available.

Company Outings - Meeting new people outside of office is a huge refreshment for people at work.

Gifts - Surprise gifts, event tickets, spa coupons

Health Programs - These programs help people reduce stress and one less worry for them

Entertainment - Games, pets, and other forms of entertainment in the office help team members build stronger bonds organically

These benefits might seem like they are only possible for companies that are backed heavily. But at Skcript (Bootstrapped), we still make these possible.

In case you need some help, drop us a line.

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