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The ultimate remote working (WFH) tips, tools and methods.

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The ultimate remote working (WFH) tips, tools and methods.

This are bullet type tips for working remote and making sure you achieve work-life balance. Everything you need to know about working from home or remote is here. Like EVERYTHING.

This is a compilation of tips from almost all of the top articles online about remote work. Consider this a Wiki for remote work.

  1. Get started early.
  2. Have a dedicated workspace.
  3. Choose remote working tools wisely. (Zoom, Slack, Hearapp.co and email should do).
  4. Get ready before a call. Wake up, clean up, dress up & show up.
  5. Fill your calendar and stick to it.
  6. Set aside time to spend with your family. (Lunch maybe?)
  7. Set work hours.
  8. Do not work from your bedroom.
  9. Block social media channels during work hours.
  10. Commit to being more productive.
  11. Exercise.
  12. One task at a time.
  13. Always stay connected.
  14. Play background music if necessary. (Productivity Playlist on YouTube)
  15. Learn to communicate over online medium. Have things in written.
  16. Set aside time for breaks.
  17. Make sure there is enough light during your work all the time.
  18. Make sure you have the logistics to have a good video call.
  19. Share your calendar with your team so that they know what you are up to and not bother you.
  20. Clean up your computer.

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