These are the only six tools you need to run your company

Our CEO briefs you about the six tools you need to run your company easily.


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These are the only six tools you need to run your company

I’m going to make this post as short as possible. Over the past few years, I’ve tried, paid, tested and used unbelievable number of tools to make sure everyone at Skcript stays on the same page.

But to help you make this decisions quick, here are the tools you will ever require:

  1. Slack — Instant Messaging, Monitoring your builds and deployments, short conversations with your team.
  2. Github — Can’t live without it. Source control. It just works. Use it for collaborative coding, bugs and release management.
  3. Allt — Write down ideas. Discuss about the ideas with your team or share it with the world. Turn ideas into tasks. Complete them.
  4. Quickbooks — Handle all your finances and collaborate with your finance team or your CA directly.
  5. Email — This still exists and works for everyone. All the damn time.
  6. Google Drive/Dropbox — File syncing.

These are honestly the only tools that you would require to run your organization. Hope this helps!

P.S. We build Allt.

Allt (a.k.a is your work dashboard which lets you carry out discussions easily and turn them into tasks.

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