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Few development tools which every college kid should know before entering into industry

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Varun Raj

I'm writing this because the people (management and faculties) in college think what they teach in colleges will help the students shape to their careers. Especially for a student who's into computer science background. I know this fact because I was also a college kid a few months back. I clearly saw a huge gap between what our colleges prepared us for, and what the industry demanded. The students were not aware of what the industry demanded and honestly, understanding the industry's demand is easy. A few of my college mates used to tell me that they find it really hard to cope up with the others. I felt really bad after hearing these things.

I wanted to help these people at least to know what how the industry operates. This article is for those who are almost done with their college studies, and are on the verge of graduating. I'll try and explain what the industry needs are, and the tools that you should know about, when joining a IT company.

It is the popular text editor for writing code. The coolest part of it is that the size of the application is tiny that it can run in any computer. People use it like crazy and it's a freemium tool, you can enjoy the trial for your life.

Git is a version control tool which most of the students are not aware of, yet this is something no company will forget to use. It helps you to have various version of your source code and easier to manage who contributed which part. Probably students should use it in your college projects. It's a open source tool and you can use sites like GitHub and BitBucket for hosted version.

This is something that's the core of any development. Whenever you see it, you'll get a geeky feel. Students are aware of command prompt in windows operating system, that's what exactly what terminals are. But developers mostly use linux terminals over windows cmd, mainly for comfort they get in it. If you want to become a tech guy after college, you can't just skip this tool.

REST clients are not so important but it's something very interesting. This is a tool which is used for talking with an API of an internet app. API is the programming interface which applications gives us. If you're building a app for Facebook, you initially use this tool to check if everything in your app can talk with Facebook APIs and then code for it.

HTTP Servers are used everywhere. A company will use it in one or the other projects. It's like a basic requirement for any company that is building a web based project. And it is also pretty cool tool with which even you can do wonders with it. When I was in college I used to host my small website and see it in all my friend's computers, later we even used during practical exams for sharing source code, it was fun.

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