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Top React-Native Components (January Edition)

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React-Native is every developer's football field. There's too many components to use, too many plugins to install and a whole lot of apps that can be built with these. This month, here are the five components that caught my eye.

5. Linear gradient

Sometimes, developers need to use gradient colors at the right places to attract users. If you haven't figured out a way to implement gradient here it is - there is no gradient support from React Native but you can use this component to apply linear gradients to your view, button etc. There are a lot of gradient components for React Native but this component provides the prefect gradient.


4. Image cache

Caching image is another common problem that developers face. Sometimes, some part of the application needs a bigger image. At this place, React Native's image component takes a long time to load, but this component loads image faster and holds in cache so when you use the image next time it renders fast as it is from cache.


3. Floating action

Most common action can be used in Floation action button. Not every screen needs a floating action button. A floating action button is for the primary action in an application. This component provides floating action button for React Native. This component is heavily customizable and easy to implement.


2. HTMLView

This component is used to take up HTML content and renders native view where styles are customizable. This component can be used to add support to unsupported element types, or override the supported types.


1. Lotte

This is a powerful component to add animation to your application. Here, Adobe after effects animation are exported as JSON with bodymovin and used in mobile apps - giving the chance to create animation for their mobile application. This Component comes with a lot of props like speed, loop, progress etc. for customization


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