Using RPA Process Discovery Tool to automate your business process.

Learn why you need to create a Process ID card, and what value you can get out of it before you start your RPA implementation process using Discovery Workshops. Learn more.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Karthik Kamalakannan

Using RPA Process Discovery Tool to automate your business process.

The challenge that businesses face when trying to automate stuff is nothing but to know "what processes to automate first". This is a question that varies from one business to the other but is important to know the answer to make sure you are reaping the benefits that RPA provides for your business.

Why you should know what processes to automate first?

With consultants like us, automating is not like moving a mountain. It is doable, and we will help you with that. When you don't know what processes to automate, you could be taken for a ride, since many tend to automate the tasks that 'they' think will give them a quick ROI and make some quick money.

This is exactly why we first help our clients learn, analyze and predict the impact of automation before we touch anything technical. There are a few risks when you are not clear about the processes you need to automate. Some of the risks are:

  1. Risk of experiencing post-deployment slump
  2. Risk of not realizing the ROI after you complete automating the processes
  3. Risk of shedding time and money on low-impact processes

How to know which processes to automate first using RPA?

Today, so many of our clients want us to run RPA Discovery Workshops to identify the processes they need to automate first. Since the workshop gives them a clear picture of the processes, impact of automation, the RPA ROI rate and so much more in what we call the Process ID card.

Process ID card makes it so easy to automate the processes across your organization and realize the maximum impact for the money you are investing in RPA.

Process ID card is something our consultants, engineers, and designers worked extensively to provide a snapshot of the entire RPA process in just two slides. If you are interested in taking a look at a sample Process ID card, just write to us at [email protected].

What does the Process ID card do?

The Process ID card helps your business in three main areas when you are looking to automate some business process:

  1. Create a blueprint of the processes
  2. Provide implementation timeline & cost for management
  3. Act as the guide throughout the implementation

An easy to use a tool like Process ID cards could come in handy when you are measuring your end-result of the automated process with that of the previous ones.

Our team would be more than happy to share some sample Process ID cards for you to fill and analyze your business process. Also, you can avail a free Process Analysis for up to 10 hours with our consultants. Reach out to us today.

Last updated: November 21st, 2023 at 6:56:16 PM GMT+0


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