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Inspiration is something that’s divine. You get inspired by people who execute things, not just dream. Not a single day has passed by at Skcript without looking up to each and everyone’s inspirational personality and translating that into the quality of work that we do. We wanted to honour those who inspire us, and who might not really be known to a widespread audience.

Today, we’re incredibly thrilled to announce the Skcript OG Series - Season 1. Each of the posts in the series highlights the ones who inspire us and are crafting a future of their own. We ask them questions to gain insights that can push and inspire people other than us.

Though this is a small beginning to highlighting and honoring the ones who you might not have heard of, we believe that this could inspire a bunch of people in the longer run.

The first postisode of Skcript OG Series - Season 1 will show up next week. :)

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