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Here is what I learned from my first Create Week at Skcript

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Hackathons provide opportunities to gain hands-on experience in new technology stacks or languages. Typically, Hackathon gives me an excellent understanding of things rather than just running behind new technologies without deep learning.

As a non-tech person, these wise hackathon opportunities help me to take a broad look at my interests and to get to know the big tech world.


Once, I got a chance to go through a chatbot article, which inspired me to develop a chatbot independently. In the earlier stage, I used to play with chatbot sometimes by asking questions to it and getting replies as an answer. It's quite impressive!

I planned to create my own Nirvagi Chatbot by utilizing this hackathon chance. "Nivargi chatbot" basically should cut my work in half. Previously, I searched around my drive folders for a long time to take specific employee's documents. So, I decided to use this opportunity to build something that solves this problem. And make my work done in a short period.

Developing my chatbot

Do you think a 6 mins guidance video can help you to create one chatbot? Yeah, that's true. Let's see how I brought it live.

Dialog Flow is the primary tool where I started to develop my chatbot. Here the following steps for creating your chatbot:

  • Create Agent - You should give the name of your chatbot here.

  • Create Entities - Here, you can give your input content. For the admin bot, I created an employee list and their documents list.


  • Training phrases - Here, you can give training to your bot. Training would be a keyword to get output from the chatbot.

  • Prompts for "Employee list" - Here, you can create a question for the user. Name of the employee? Which documents do you want? etc.,

  • Text response is the final message from the bot. 'Your Documents are ready!'

Watching my idea becomes a reality:

I started with lots of hesitation, like, will it work? But it paid for my efforts. Now, I am using my "Nirvagi bot" to collect the employee's data, an excellent game-changer for my work.

Creating a chatbot is not a big thing that you can't do; all you need is just an interest and guidance to do it.

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