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The Post-it Experiment

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Bringing myself to write this post is the hardest thing that I've ever had to do!

Life in itself, is a funny thing. It has this uncanny knack of getting its own way.

Just like what happened with me and this post. For someone who has never planned life and will never attempt to plan it, ever - this is probably life's (and maybe also God's) way of saying "You've just been bamboozled!" 😉

I have to write about life! I'll tell you why I might never be able to do that. First of all, I haven't got a clue about life, what it is and how it will turn out. I haven't lived that long and I haven't attained enlightenment. I just have a white desk and a bunch of brightly coloured Post-its.

And now maybe, just maybe I've got this insanely brilliant idea! What if someone plans their entire life with just Post-its? What if every human being just jotted down every little ambition of theirs on a Post-it, how about that? Yes, that's going to lead to a massive reduction in the number of trees and the idea itself sounds completely demented! But think about it - this way you'll know everything you want to do before you leave this planet!

Don't worry, only one side of me is crazy. The other side is thinking, where the hell am I going with this? What in the world am I going to impart to the people who read this? Well I guess that both you and I are about to find out…

The Post-it Exercise

Warning: This ride is slightly dangerous. You might want to keep a helmet handy and oh, you might or might not go bonkers reading this.

We've all been stuck in this major traffic jam called "Life." We're always caught up on getting things done - we're so busy that in the process of being busy we forget to look up and see what's ahead of us. And its in times like these that we need to take a step back, breathe and ask ourselves this: How am I doing? Is everything on track? What's the next important thing that perhaps wasn't before?

Yeah, well, I've never done that! 😆 (I'm just good at talking, exercising is really not my thing 😉)

On a slightly being real note, I'd say that it is quite important to check how we're doing at least once in a while. We might have a lot of things to do, but very little time to actually do it. We might even lose track of what we want to do - after all how long is your brain going to hold a thought? A day? Lesser than a day? Its only going to be a matter of time before your brain explodes with the enormous amounts of thoughts that you have!

Why have your brain saturated with thoughts? Instead, when you get that near exploding feeling, grab a Post-it and jot down that thought, preserve that fragment from your memory. Do this every day, every single time you have a thought. By the end of this exercise, your room, your house and basically everything around you will be swimming in a sea of Post-its! And that is exactly how life is - an ocean, with countless possibilities.

The Allt-ernative Exercise

Now, having said that life is an ocean, its not always smooth sailing. There'll be violent tides, storms and even tornadoes! You're at a similar risk if your house is flooded with Post-its! You have over a 100 Post-its and its all over your floor, the walls and what not. What if you step on one of it or you lose one of them or what if the aliens in your attic take over your house?!

That is why you need to have Allt. Allt is one single reserve for almost everything - your dreams, desires, ambitions, goals and also for stuff like files and links and all that. We're keeping the tree population intact and oh, we're also digitising the world. You'll never have to worry about losing things that matter when it comes to Allt. Allt will keep all of your things, safe and sound till the end of time.

Remember you can't play with life. You have one shot to get life right. So why not Allt it up? 😉

Try Allt

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