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Why you should run a Product Review Workshop at your company.

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Karthik Kamalakannan

Any serious CEO with a deep care for her/his product would be open for a honest critique about their product. One of the best ways to get brutally honest critique is to run regular Product Review Workshop.

Organizing and running a Product Review Workshop internally with your own developers and designers is no better than not running a Product Review Workshop at all. You need a trusted third party who is not attached to your product. The ones who are a detached outsider who has good experience running Product Review Workshops across various domains.

Our UI engineers work extensively with companies to run Product Review Workshops. Ping us if you want to run one for your organization.

Why conduct a Product Review Workshops

Before you jump into planning on organizing your own Product Review Workshop, you need to know why you need to spend time on such an event.

To build a great product, you need to understand what the user thinks, and why you should change things that users need. In order to understand why you need to run Product Review Workshop, here are some of the points that you will get after a successful Product Review Workshop:

  • Usability issues in your product might cost you more than what you think you are losing. Most of the times, usability issues in a product can break the entire product's future.
  • Bad user experience costs a lot of money to the company; when was the last time you downloaded an app that looked bad?
  • Usability issues are invaluable to any company.
  • A Product Review can help you identify more problems and help you understand how and why to fix it.
  • Understanding why the errors happened in the first place is something you need to have an answer to; this gives you a sense of direction on how not to think when adding features to a product.

What you get from Product Review Workshop

Besides these, here are the three major factors that makes Product Review Workshops invaluable to a company:

  • You get instant results about the mistakes in your product and solutions to fix them.
  • You get a very deep insight about your own users and how they look at your product.
  • The cost of running a Product Review Workshop is very less when compared to the cost of re-writing the entire application based on your own understanding of the user.
  • Deep analytics data about what has worked and what has not worked in your product.

We have seen the results in our customers' who went through the Product Review Workshops in their organization. We would be more than happy to run one for you as well.

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