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You are the master of your tool!

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All of us have heard about management tools and the entire world is in need of a tool to manage their daily tasks - be it technical or not, everyone faces the need to have a tool. But wait, what do we use the tool for? Let's see.

Person 1: "I track all my daily tasks with the help of the tool"
Person 2: "I have the to-do's listed and manage them"
Person 3: "I use it to track the bugs in my code"

Is that it? To be honest, no. Every management tool provides more than this. I myself wasn't aware of the extremities our product management tool, Allt provided until yesterday. Being an avid user of Allt, I'm going to list the used cases of Allt. Now, let's see the core possibilities of using the tool.

Daily Tasks

Updating what you are upto everyday will help you check if you are on track. If any of your tasks are incomplete you can easily pick it up the next day by referring to your task list. If you aren't very comfortable with making your task list public, you can choose to have a private task list as well.

Shared Tasks

If two or more people are working together, it's easier to track if the task has been assigned to the respective people. Only when the task is completed by both people can it be taken off the list and not if it's still pending on any one side.


This management tool is most sought out for the sole purpose of tracking bugs. Any bugs reported can be listed down and this makes it easier for the developer to correct them all. On the business perspective also one can list the changes he or she would like to make on their product. It'll make it easier for both the developer and the client to manage.

File Vault

Every project will involve a lot of documents, spreadsheets and many other files. Though untouched mostly, they will be required at some point during development. Having a file vault tied to the project is a blessing. You don't have to search for files scattered in your PC.


Making announcements to the team need not necessarily be face to face. Boards come in handy to convey anything you would like at any hour. If you are a night person even more useful.


Carrying your laptop to the meetings and giving the cool, organised look has been everyone's move. But taking notes has been a trouble. Especially if it means later converting into a document and organizing it in a drive. Notes can now be used instead. The best part is, it is available in one place and easily relatable to the projects.

And there are other minor features like Check-ins, Calendar, Members and so. What else will a person need to manage in terms of project except for the code?! This is why a product management tool comes in handy. If you know how to utilise the tool to it's fullest, any manager can be on track, any developer can know his work and be updated and any CEO will be updated over the operations happening around him. Our product management tool, Allt has all the features give it a try and you will know why this article has such potential.

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