Find your calling at Skcript.

For everyone, Skcript is a special place to work. Everyone is a creator or creator-to-be. Everyday, we try to push things forward and challenge ourselves with complex problems.

The values that we have at Skcript is not hard for us to live by since it is in everyone’s personality and those are the type of people we hire at Skcript.

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Our goal at Skcript is not just to create great products but to be a platform for great people to come together and become who they want to become. It is a proud moment everyday when I walk into office to see great people do great work.

Come work where the attitude is
"Hard but doable..."

This is where some of the world's most sophisticated technology problems are solved. Skcript is where the power of small teams, things that passion can create and work that defines people's lives are visible.

Every single product, feature, or a solution for our customer is a result of the fantastic team effort at Skcript. This happens since everyone strives to achieve the common goal of the company — building the best possible solution that can run for long.

Innovation happens everywhere

Innovation is not just a word for us. It is what we live by. The culture is so vibrant, which enables each one of us to be the best version of ourselves. We don't just focus on building products and services for our customers, but also to create an innovative workspace and culture for our teams to do their best work ever possible.

We understand what it takes to build great products and services. My job is to make sure our people have the best experience working at Skcript. Our team is what makes Skcript, Skcript.

Full-time Positions

Our team strives to help everyone reach their unlimited potential every day. The passion and commitment to that mission live through everything we do.

Robotic Process Automation

Chennai & Dubai

People & Culture Manager


Lead of Product Marketing

Chennai & Dubai

Product Designer


Internship Positions

Everything works differently at Skcript. Our team solves some of the most challenging problems in the industry. As an intern, all we need if your passion to be great at what you do, your unmatched curiosity and your individuality.

Content Writing Intern