A different kind of company.
A one of a kind career.

If solving complex business problems with technology is your passion, you belong at Skcript.

Careers at Skcript

You find your calling. At Skcript, everything we do has a deeper level of care, and respect our users' time. We see code more than just text on a monitor screen , it is art for us. If you see it that way, we've been waiting for you.

We believe that our work is a reflection of who we are. It is our own special space in the world where we define what quality is, and how special our users are in our arena.

All that we ask of you at Skcript is to do the best work of your life. Benefits, perks, and all else comes automatically.

Our most impactful work is Skcript itself.

Skcript is run by ideas, rather than heirarchy. We're focused in solving complex business problems with technology that others have given up on.

Skcript is Skcript because of the people who work here. They don't care about the titles, or the industry tailwinds. They care about the impact they create for our clients.

For people who are daring enough to build technology solutions that don't exist, Skcript is the place to be. In a way, when you work on things you care deeply about, your work becomes liberating, and even life-changing.

Bold. Courageous. Relentless. These three words define people who work at Skcript. You can be one of us.

Perks, benefits, and everything else.

Perks are tailored to each and every individual at Skcript. Everyone is unique and we respect that. Skcript is a platform for great minds to come together and create something insanely great. Benefits, perks, and everything else is just a cherry on top for the greats in the industry.


Harmony at work & life

We beleive in work-life harmony. If there's something personal you need to attend to, you get that done first, and vice versa. We are not the strict 9-5 kind of people.


Great food for your brain

There are no normal challenges at Skcript. Everything we do does not come with a manual. You are the one who writes the manual. We are here to help you with that.


Always on the edge

For a decade, our people have been the ones who bought "what if this existed" into existence. We are always on the edge of technology, and we are always looking for people who can push the boundaries of what's possible.

Work where the attitude is "Hard but doable..."

This is where some of the world's most sophisticated technology problems are solved. Skcript is where the power of small teams, things that passion can create and work that defines people's lives are visible.

Every single product, feature, or a solution for our customer is a result of the fantastic team effort at Skcript. This happens since everyone strives to achieve the common goal of the company — building the best possible solution that can run for long.

We understand what it takes to build great products and services. My job is to make sure our people have the best experience working at Skcript. Our team is what makes Skcript, Skcript.

— Karthik Kamalakannan,

Founder & CEO, Skcript

Something you should know

Skcript is an equal opportunity employer and there is no bias in hiring people. We truly care about your skills, and your passion to build great software.

Skcript will never ask you to pay any money for your job application. If you receive any emails asking for money in return for your job application, please report it to [email protected].

Skcript is a drug-free workplace. We do not tolerate any kind of drug usage in the workplace, and we will not hire anyone who is under the influence of drugs.