June Highlights

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Karthik announced our foray into 🕸️ async work. It's been an exciting two weeks for the company as we settle into our new roles.

You did it Savitha! Your first and most influential Europe partnership with Semicolon Informatics. A day to remember.⚡

Thank you, Sathish for restarting NerdChat🎙️. It's a hit! We love talking about tech in depth.

Congratulations Swaathi on your popular blog ✍️, "Concurrency On The Erlang VM". It's been making the rounds on so many newsletters!

Check out Sooraj’s JS rain library that lets you make it pour (unlike Chennai's clouds) on your browser.

Sathish knocked it out of the park with his open source contributions to Rust. Great job!

Thank you Pankaj for the new finance 💸 initiative "TwoCents". No better time than the lockdown to start thinking smart with your money.

Yes, we just did this last month but we can't help it because Varun spoke at yet 🥳 another webinar! How many! Will this ever end?!

Something that we're actually proud about is Savitha's 🗣️ first talk at her alma mater, Great Lakes. Congratulations! We loved it.

Awesome job on the ✨ Hellonext redesign Juge, it looks great!


Savitha's birthday 🎂

Happy birthday to our very own Hitler! Thank you for staying as our everlasting Hitler 🤠 by name but a liberal at heart. Days fly high but your enthusiasm makes all of us push hard to perceive great thoughts. Thank you for being an inspiring professional and a great friend at the same time!

Happy Birthday Sathish 🎂

Hey there celebrity🤵, happy birthday! You’re just 23 years old now, don’t behave like a 40 year old! ;) Your thoughts and things you do is inspiring many of us and most of your Twitter followers. Keep up the great work!


Happy Married Life Ayeesha 💍

Congratulations on the biggest step of your life 👸 Ayeesha! We wish you a wonderful and happy married life. Please cook us nice biriyani once we meet again.



This month is when we found our freebird 🕊️ who parties hard all day, unfortunately eating bajjis all day. Just kidding, we love you! She always gathers a bunch of friends like family and never forgets to administrate Skcript in all ways. It's been a year now since you joined us, Priya! Time flies by fast.

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