Running the most efficient workshop for teams.

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Talk to every participant prior to the workshop#

  • Have direct conversation
  • Get an idea of everyone’s perspective
  • Good way to set expectations with the participants about what they’re about to learn

Research about the domain#

  • Read tons of things about the domain in which you’re doing the workshop
  • Come up with detailed documents which explains your understanding about the domain, and share it with everyone

Prepare the venue beforehand#

  • Always make sure that the venue has everything that’s required to run a good quality workshop
  • Write down the agenda and place it on the table before the participants come in
  • What we did - Write a personal note to the 20 people who’re attending and placed it on the table

There’s no such thing called open-discussion#

  • Especially with a team more than 10, discussions are not really that efficient
  • Write down the tasks on the board along with its corresponding time
  • Explain all the methods/frameworks you use and make sure everyone is aligned towards that

Always do a quick write-up#

  • Make sure you sit down and write down everything that happened as pointers while you’re there in the room
  • Send an email to everyone about what happened today, and what are the next steps
  • Make sure all the tools and resources are mentioned in the mail thread

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