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Here's a very crucial thing people who build AI know, but you don't

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Karthik Kamalakannan

Artificial Intelligence is enabling industries to make a fundamental change right now. AI is at the very center of this change, and it is necessary to understand every aspect of AI before you implement it for your business.

Super fast decision making, real-time analytics and prediction are some of the areas where AI is just beautifully disrupting. While the applications are numerous, and many of the AI applications can be implemented today, one of the most important thing to consider, is the hardware that the AI requires to perform to its full potential.

Many companies, who are looking to implement AI are looking too much into the software part of it. The cost, budget and everything else is considered around building the AI, but the actual implementation and running these AI software is a whole different story. With AI, software is just not enough.

Industries are transforming themselves, and the common notion that people have is just to consider that digital is just about software. AI does not go easy on the hardware. It is hardware intensive, and when it works at scale, this is even bigger than we might assume while building the AI.

Importance of optimized hardware

For enterprises to see exponential growth, they are investing time, money and effort in building customized AI hardware. Optimizing AI should start from optimizing the stack.

Creating a very optimized AI stack is different than having a optimized hardware. For example, we were able to increase our data compression performance percentage by 12% by just optimizing the hardware stack of the system.

Optimizing software may occur at two levels. One is to optimize the code and algorithm that tells the AI what to do. Two is to optimize the underlying infrastructure code that runs the algorithm.

We believe that hardware would be at the core of the transformation that is happening in the organizations. The ability for the businesses to go live with a custom hardware stack will define the performance of their AI.

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