Skcript's Favorite Podcasts

Everyone has a busy life, and podcasts are one of the easiest ways to acquire extensive source of information for updating your knowledge. Here is a list of our favorite podcasts. And I'm sure, after …

How to beat the Monday Blues

Do you still feel like a school kid who badly wants to take leave on Monday mornings because of the overwhelming stress? If you are nodding your head, here are quick tricks which can help you shake …

Why we don't send holiday wishes to our customers

Here's what we do that's something more than just sending a holiday wish email to our customers.

How to keep your Instagram active?

There are so many social platforms to promote a brand or a company. Instagram is a well known social platform and here is a blog on how Instagram can be used to promote a tech brand.

What-not-to-do before a meeting

There are a ton of things you should do before a meeting. But there are few things, that we tend to miss before a meeting which in-turn may lead to bad impression. Risking in meetings might reflect …

Top Women in Tech Communities To Follow

If you’re a women programmer, here’s your exclusive access to the best developer communities across the world.

Skcript Announces S/LAB - A nested Startup Within Skcript

S/LAB, a new nested startup inside Skcript that aims to explore the possibility of technologies like never before launches today. Learn more.

Quick Guide To Writing Emails

Writing emails is something that has been taught to us in high school, yet, most of us don’t seem to get the hang of it. Probably because the formats used in school are of no use in the real world. …

Introducing BRG, an exclusive Blockchain division at Skcript

The new division, BRG will focus on reimagining the supply chain network across multiple sectors.

Must have Management tools

Everyday essential tools or tools to save your time - there are tons and tons of blogs on what tools to use and the best of all of them. I decided to write one too, given that my everyday tool list is …

5 reasons why your business needs a good design language

Every business needs a design language under their belt. But how do you know which design language best suits your business needs? Here are 5 things that you have to look for in a design language …

How not to be distracted in 2018!

At work, everyone gets distracted at some point. There might be a new movie trailer that's out, a new gadget review or even a cute puppy gif. We can take a few minutes to look at these, but it's …

Designing for Goldfish

Is the title making you curious? Well, it should! While we’re designing for ourselves, how often have we thought about designing for others? Just like design is universal, users are too. Here’s how we …

December @Skcript

December is the decider on this side of the world, mostly because the city that we’re headquartered in takes in a lot of brunt during this month. But December is also the month of celebrations and new …

What I will be doing in 2018

Everyone has got a list of New Year resolutions that they write but may not end up following. With this, we’re writing resolutions in a way that we get them done by the year end - find out how to be …

Why 90’s kids are cool

Being a 90’s kid is a lot of fun and with the entire world flooding social media with the perks of being a 90’s kid, we wanted to contribute from Skcript as well. And to all the kids who aren’t from …

Our CTO talks at Ignite 2017

Swaathi Kakarla joins the panel and will be speaking at Ignite 2017 hosted by MOP Vaishnav College.

SiA #1: Thirupurasundari Sevvel, Architect

We met Thirupuransundari Sevvel, an architect par excellence who not only has an interesting career as an architect but is the brain behind the movement, Nam Veedu, Nam Oor, Nam Kadhai (Our Home, Our …

What 10 months at Skcript has taught me.

This might probably be the most honest and accurate recounting of a day (or rather most days) in the life of a Program Manager. Find out what her time at Skcript looks like and you could even take a …

How to be the best host for your meeting?

Meetings are never meant to be longer and heavier. A short and crisp meeting is always appreciated and here are few points to make your meeting a success.

How we did a major brand redesign

The depth that goes behind the word ‘re-brand’ has is a lot to fathom in a single shot. That’s why we took a healthy amount of days to actually get this re-brand out, and here’s how we pulled it off.

How a one-time engineer became an all-the-time designer

There are a lot of us that get pushed into something just because everyone else is in it. But what if you wanted to do something different? Well, here’s one such story about doing different and being …

A brand new promise

The new face of Skcript comes with a reinforced promise. A promise that will inspire and disrupt the set boundaries. Join us as we embark on a new path-breaking journey.

Renovating our office - S(k)cripting

Making little changes to how our office was organized helped us work better - it has given us a new vision to work towards. We’re now pushing boundaries more than ever, here's how it worked out.

Moving our comments to discourse

We are moving our Blog's discussion system to discourse to provide better interaction and develop better community, join us and find out more!

Apple Music, Gaana, Wynk, Saavn, Jiomusic and Google Play Music. Which is the …

I have tried and tested it all, now join me as I review all the music streaming services that are currently prominent in India which might help you choose an app that’s reliable to use and which ones …

There is something awesome happening on Twitter right now. And you have to see …

There is something very interesting happening on Twitter and you have to see it. Right. Now.

We’ve hit 150 Followers!

We've hit 150 followers on our Meetup page and that calls for a celebration!

New - Skcript OG Series

Honouring people who inspire us begins here. Announcing the new Skcript OG Series - Season 1.

Go from Zero to One in Productivity

There’s a fine line of difference between busy people and productive people. Let me try and explore what those differences are, and how to stay productive.

Announcing Skcript Events

We are incredibly proud to announce our new initiative, Skcript Events. This one is for those crazy ones who love what they do.

Addressing the gender pay gap at Skcript.

Let us address the gender pay gap at Skcript and how we handle it. Learn more.

Announcing the Brandage Contest

Create a brand, pitch it to us and join the Skcript family!

How to run a Product Review at your company. [Process]

Here's how you can run a good Product Review workshop at your company.

The boring post on Project Management

Our Project Manager talks about how she manages projects at Skcript to make sure they are delivered on-time.

Instagram accounts every designer must follow

Being a designer, Instagram is one place you should be looking out for inspiration. Here are some of the best accounts to follow.

UnderstandBetter incubates at SAPs Startup Studio

Something big just happened and here is everything you need to know about UnderstandBetter and SAP engagement.

Our CEO explains How to Bootstrap like a Boss

Our CEO is one of the panelists at this event. He will be talking about how he bootstrapped your startup

Mad March Giveaway (Design)

For all you design crazies out there, here is your chance to win some cool design stuff!

10 ways to create a friendly employee workplace

Successful companies spend a ton of time thinking about their employees. Here are the 10 ways to create a healthy employee workplace.

Signs that a good employee is about to quit.

These are the warning signs that you should look out for to have a healthy employee ecosystem.

Home Alone - Alltered Version Part 1

What if Kevin was caught in his home, alone and used Allt to set things up.

Running the most efficient workshop for teams.

From our experience, here are some tips to run the best workshops.

Through the eyes of an intern.

I was a marketing intern at Skcript. And this is how I lived.

A list of things ‘great’ leaders says to their team.

A list of things leaders use to keep them fresh, motivated and to get the most out of them.

Skcript announces Varun Raj as the Product Owner of Pollfury

Varun will be running the operations for our newest product, Pollfury.

Introducing Pollfury

Our 12-hour side project we made, to make polls great again.

Sr. Architect talks at Chennai's Maker Party 2016

Varun is speaking at Chennai's Maker Party at SRM University.

We're hosting Chennai Ruby Meetup

We are hosting Chennai Ruby Meetup - September. Join us.

5 ways to empower your team for success

The 5 tips below will help you empower your team for success.

Sr. Architect talks at Chennai.rb

Our Sr. Architect, Varun talks about Browserify, Rails & React at the Chennai.rb User Group.

Staying focused when working remotely

Our CEO writes about killing distractions while working from home or away from the office.

Five things to consider when choosing enterprise productivity applications

Our CEO talks about what enterprises consider for productivity.

Skcript CTO talks at Chennai.rb

Our CTO, Swaathi talks about Rate limiting in Ruby at the Chennai Ruby User Group.

More customers we have, more trees we plant

Our CEO announces a new way to fix our environment

Here’s why we built Allt.

Our insights into why we built Allt for us and for you.

Don’t think. Just make.

Our team unveils a whole new campaign to inspire innovation.

Leaders are not born. They're made.

Our CTO writes about how Leaders are not born and how they are made and their qualities.

SHRINK launches for businesses

Shrink for business launches to the world at GITEX 2015.

Open Sourcing our Redbook

Our management team open sources the Redbook, our internal policies and culture notebook.

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