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You need these three user roles before implementing Blockchain for your business

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Karthik Kamalakannan

We've been working with our customers to disrupt their industry by building custom blockchain solutions. One thing we realized is that every business idea has a very good potential in the market that might be useful for many other companies.

One thing we've noticed in common when talking to our blockchain customers is that there is a need for a small Blockchain Strategy Group within the organization.

Let me break it down for you now.

What is Blockchain Strategy Group

This is a small focused group of people from a variety of background from within the company. The group is responsible for knowing about blockchain technologies, its implications and also the execution plan.

Who sits in the Blockchain Strategy Group

We believe that three types of people should be there in the Blockchain Strategy Group:

  1. Business Decision Maker: The one who understands the organization in and out. They know what is good for the organization and also what is bad for the organization. They need help others in the group stay on track while implementing blockchain. But the entire decision on what works for the business and its vision, depends on them.
  2. Technology Decision Maker: This person could be inside or outside the organization. But they know what blockchain is, what are its limitations and also understand blockchain's ability to scale up for any business. They are the ones who know what goes into the chain code, take decisions on what has to be within blockchain and what should not be within blockchain. Ultimately, they drive the technical team, work closely with the Business Decision Maker.
  3. End Users: This is a end-user, who understands their business or use-case really well. They are the ones who constantly give feedback to both the Business Decision Maker and Technology Decision Maker as well. Ultimately, they need to know if using blockchain is improving their business/workflow or if having a negative effect on them.

We believe that anyone who is starting a new blockchain project has to be creating a Blockchain Strategy Group. For smaller projects, there can just be one single group, but as the project grows to a large-scale implementation within the company, the group has to expand for the best interest of the product.

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