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These large-scale apps were built using React Native.

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Karthik Kamalakannan

Even today, there are two kinds of mobile application developers. The ones who write native code, and the ones who love React Native. While we believe that choosing a platform depends on the requirement of a product, we think React Native is such a beautiful piece of framework for mobile application development.

Here is a list of great apps using React Native to deliver excellence to you.


The engineers at Facebook created React Native. The framework started out as a hackathon project, and the company decided to open-source the framework later. Today, there are a ton of applications running on React Native. Thanks to the engineers at Facebook.


Though the cost of integration with their existing iOS app was too high, looks like they have no regrets now. There are about 500,000 people using Airbnb's application everyday. Here's a quick talk from Airbnb's engineers about their experience integrating React Native framework into their app:


China's Search Engine Giant runs completely on React Native for its mobile applications.


You won't believe how big of a fan I am for Gyroscope. The app is unbelievably gorgeous and runs smooth on any device.


Currently, it is believed that the engineers share 99% of the code between iOS and Android apps of Instagram. This allowed the team to deliver faster updates across platforms. But honestly, I'm not sure what has happened after Instagram Stories came into the feature list.

There is also a very interesting article on their engineering blog which talks about React Native at Instagram.

Here are the results they achieved:

Post Promote: 99% SMS Captcha Checkpoint: 97% Comment Moderation: 85% Lead Gen Ads: 87% Push Notification Settings: 92%


By this time, you already know the scale at which Uber operates. The company's UberEATS application is completely built on React Native to make sure it is easy for the team to maintain their codebase.

Uber's engineers also posted a very detailed blogpost on how their approached the problem and what came out of the solution. Read them here.

I'm pretty sure you now get a sense of the scale at which applications can be built using React Native. We have been investing a lot of time in building applications using React Native and we have no regrets for it. It's fast, easy to maintain and still passes the Skcript's Quality Tests.

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