Our Story

Skcript x Dubai

Skcript is a emerging technologies consulting company. We build beautiful, functional and purposeful products for our customers to help them be future ready. The company started in 2013 with a vision to create good quality products for companies of any size. Today, Skcript is a global company with hundreds of customers around the world, is founder-run and is focused on quality. We work with friends who care deeply about our customers and quality.

Founder Story

Karthik K and Swaathi Kakarla started working together in 2013. They instantly knew that they shared a deep passion for building products with care, passion and extremely good quality. They tried working with various companies, analyzed the market for companies who care deeply about good code and quality, and usually ended up with a very small list. They knew that this was a big opportunity to do something on their own, and that's when Skcript was born.

After started Skcript, the first call went to Varun Raj, who is known to share the same values, to join the company. Today, he is one of the key person who sits in the company's board to take the right calls.

Skcript was created with a pure focus to write extremely good quality code, minimal yet functional design and keen eye for quality deliveries. The focus initially was to build their own products and bootstrap their way to the top. In 2015, Skcript decided to help other companies achieve what we were achieving with our products, due to requests from customers.

Karthik, Swaathi and Varun (the founders) loved seeing their customers get more than what they were promised. They found that though customers are experts in what they do, it is only right for us to solve a business problem for them for the longer run.

In 2016, the founders decided to go global, and on-boarded some of the best people to make that transition happen. From the beginning, the founders believed that smaller teams of powerful people make a huge impact in this world.

In 2017, we started empowering our customers by using our home-grown products like UnderstandBetter, which allowed employees to voice out their opinions easily to their management without the fear of bias. In 2018, the product was made as a separate company on its own with Pankaj Harita as the CEO and Swaathi Kakarla as the CTO.

As of 2019, Skcript is a fast growing company with teams spread across Chennai and Dubai. The founders credit everything to the team for the growth and deliverables. As our company continues to grow organically, without any external funding, one thing remains the same: Skcript's mission to help customers be future-ready.

P.S.:There's also a book that covers our story: DreamChasers: Entrepreneurs from the South of the Vindhyas by Shobha Warrier

Skcript x Culture

Skcript works to create a sustainable company culture that transcends beyond our lifespan. The founders' think long term and that starts with how people could propagate the company culture to hundreds of others who would be joining the company.

Our teams have the opportunity to travel, attend events, conferences, take time off for a personal tour and much more. Skcript believes in helping people identify their passion and go full-on at it the moment they find their passion.

No difference in pay based on gender, no bias on people and only pure respect exists in the company between each other. Skcript is cultivating a empathetic listening and learning culture for the people.

We help our people grow in their current role, try new things and push to achieve their dream come true. Ultimately, we want the people of Skcript to remember how they grew with the organization for good.

Skcript also organizes events internally for the Skcripters like Snack Evenings, Coffee Hour Chats, Game Day, Game of Thrones days and much more. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with us: @Skcript

Work with us

Skcript’s secret sauce is our people — both who we hire and who we choose to work with. We hire people who are passionate about creating great products, collaborate without ego, and give a damn about launching great work.

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