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Skcript's Logo

We build products faster than anyone.

We work with disruptors & the disrupted, to create technology products that are compelling, powerful and beautiful.

A.K.A: We build products that make you money.

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Skcript Blockchain


What happens when industry's best engineers, architects and designers come together to build a Blockchain solution?

Blockchain for Business

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Hyperledger Consulting

Skcript is a end-to-end Blockchain product consulting firm helping customers build Blockchain products.

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Do you need blockchain?

Our architects tell you whether you really need blockchain or not. If yes, how do you implement it in your organization.

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Blockchain: The future of Passwords?

Can blockchain solve industry's most annoying problems like phishing attacks, brute-force attacks and keylogging?

Would REMME be the solution for passwordless authentication with blockchain? Our engineers tell you why and how this would work.

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Skcript Design


Our goal is to add substance and beauty to the products we build for our customers. And they understand it.

Design that transforms

Work with us to design products at scale →

Data Informed Design

Design is more than just a way of thinking - it is an art that has the ability to change the way of things.

At Skcript, we see design as the center point for bringing people and technology together.

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Design Research

Design Research can help you analyze some of the most crucial problems in your product that you might not have even thought of.

Our team of Design Engineers work extensively with you to identify blind-spots and solve them with design.

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Building a Design Language System

We researched on why brands need a design language system to set themselves apart and win customer trust.

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Join our team

Looking for the best time of your professional life, and want to see your work change people's lives? Join our team of leaders, designers and raw talented people.

Careers at Skcript

Partner with Skcript

We work with companies who are looking to grow, go big and influence people's lives for real. Taking a powerful product and making it work for the user is what we do.

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Skcript AI


We are strong believers that machines can enhance the way humans perform tasks. We put actual AI to work.

Making for Humans

Over the years, we've worked with industry leaders to make machines work with intelligence for humans. We have helped customers in the following industries work better with AI:

Cognitive Services

Helping our customers' businesses run efficiently with the help of Cognitive Services is what we do best.

With data backed experience, and end-to-end implementation techniques, we help companies prepare for the future with AI.

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How our engineers think

Right from training AI to learn everyday sounds to helping customers build AI strategy, our engineers have built a ton of resources for you.

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Work with Skcript

Our work transforms the way things operate in the industry. We do that by delivering measurable values to our customers by some of the best people in the world.

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