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Good organizational culture is not a foosball table

Building a company is more than sales and marketing. A company is about its people. You need to inspire great culture to foster innovation and a sense of belonging.

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Get Location Permission on Android Q

Google introduces the new Android OS called Android Q or 10. The Android 10 has released with a lot of new features like Dark Mode, Smart Reply, Focus Mode and so on. Android 10 has changed the way of handling the location permissions; the system includes multiple permissions related to location. And, then the location permissions fulfil the location requirements for your app’s use cases. In this …

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Using VS Code to Internationalize Content

Internationalization is an important aspect of building products for the world. At Skcript, accessibility is our number one priority. In this article, I show you how to use VS Code to internationalize project strings. I’ve shared some tips to make use of VS Code translator effectively with unique shortcut methods that help save you time. Read on!

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Web-App using HTML, JS & Firebase - Part 1

Want to create a simple Firebase app using just plain HTML and Javascript? Well read on to find out how to unlock all the fabulous serverless capabilities with as little effort as possible!

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Use Core Data with SwiftUI

In this post we will see how to use Core Data inside a SwiftUI project. Core Data provides solution to manage model layer object for an application.

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22 design quotes from experts you need to read when you’re feeling stuck

Does this question “How can I make this design great” keep you up at night? Looks like it's time for some motivation. Here is a curated list of quotes from great design experts who wanted to share their wisdom with their designer friends. 22 thought-provoking ideas you don't wanna miss.

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SOLVED - SameSite Issue With Rails in Chrome

Chrome launched a new update on February 4, 2020, with a new default setting for the SameSite cookie attribute. This affects the way the third party cookie access applications. In this blog, let’s dig deeper into the SameSite update and see what changes are needed for Rails applications.

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Building and Using Custom Entities in Dialogflow

In my previous article about Dialogflow, I’ve covered the basic setup of creating a telegram chatbot with a serverless backend. I have also showcased how we can extract data or information from the user’s message and send it to the backend for processing and coming up with the appropriate response for the message. In extracting the information, we will tag some of the elements/words in the message …

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Asynchronous data fetching using ReactQuery - Part 1 (Queries)

Query data, set loading, resolve or reject data, if rejected check for error, retry, show error message, if resolved, store the data... wish you could do all of this in one single step? Yes you can! Let’s explore a library called “ReactQuery”.

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Making the right financial decisions in your 20s

A lot of us learn about financial responsibilities later in life. But, at Skcript we wanted to make sure every individual makes smart economic decisions. Hence was born TwoCents, our monthly session on money management.

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Under-Promise / Over-Deliver Strategy for Customer Feedback

When you’re handling a crucial role in a SaaS company, you’d more likely get feedback from more sources. Sometimes, you will tend to respond to your customers' feature requests by under-promise or over-deliver. Which is not a better idea. This article covers the problem with under-promise or over-deliver.

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Using Bamboo to Send Emails in Phoenix

I’ve never encountered a web application that doesn’t send emails to users! It’s so important. Let’s look into a popular mailing library called Bamboo and see how it can be used to trigger emails in our Phoenix web application.

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