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Automate Multiple Excel Sheet Reporting with RPA

In the field of Automation, there are five major areas where most of the automation takes place. Some of the applications are Web Applications, Email, Excel, Citrix and other desktop applications. In this blog, we’ll see how to Automate Multiple Excel Sheets

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Meet your New Robot for Process Automation

This article explores the benefits offered by robotic process automation - giving more and more of the mundane work over to machines that can handle it well and without complaint. It introduces the concept, explores where it works best, and the value it can bring to your organization.

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The 5 books our team read during the quarantine

Have you ever experienced a book with your team? We believe that reading books and sharing knowledge with others is something more beautiful. Our Skcript team has been planning book clubs during this lockdown as a part of the team activity. Here’s how we made it happen.

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Our first-ever Fireside chat “Let’s Talk Tech” experience

We prepped and practised... of course. Here's our first-ever live fireside chat experience.

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Is RPA the Right Solution for your Organization?

Here’s everything that you need to know before adopting RPA for automating your business processes. Also, what are the most eligible business process for RPA adoption and the next steps you should take

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How to use RPA for Invoice Extraction & Processing

Invoice processing is a core operation of many organizations. It is particularly known to be repetitive, drawn and time-consuming and that makes it an excellent use-case for enterprise automation. But first, let’s understand the challenge itself.

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7 hacks to pump up your mood at work

We desire to be happy, but not everyone is really happy at work. It is not very difficult to find happiness at work and make it work for you.

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9 Key Business Benefits of RPA

RPA, the next evolution of business operations provides huge benefits to enterprises by automating their manual and repetitive tasks, enabling humans to work on creative and logical tasks

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How we are perfecting the art of remote work

At Skcript, we always spoke about remote working once a week. We believed in ourselves to manage the team, productivity, and balance culture, no matter from where we worked. What was once our dream, has now become a reality. Read more to know our method of work.

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A Good Addition to the Policy List

Does your office allow you to take your pets with you? If yes, then you should be having, if not you must be wondering how one can manage your naughty and super active pet while you work.

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Psychological Effects of Remote Work

Remote working could add pressure to your mind. Do you know what you are dealing with during the quarantine remote work? It could be the sudden change in work approach, environment or even loneliness. Let's face it.

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Role of RPA in Reports Automation in Banking Industry

Reports are highly important in showcasing the performance and reputation of the bank and presenting it to the board and stakeholders and serves as a primary tool for effective communication between companies. RPA automates reporting techniques, enabling the employees to focus on other high-priority tasks.

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