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Building and Using Custom Entities in Dialogflow

In my previous article about Dialogflow, I’ve covered the basic setup of creating a telegram chatbot with a serverless backend. I have also showcased how we can extract data or information from the user’s message and send it to the backend for processing and coming up with the appropriate response for the message. In extracting the information, we will tag some of the elements/words in the message …

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Asynchronous data fetching using ReactQuery - Part 1 (Queries)

Query data, set loading, resolve or reject data, if rejected check for error, retry, show error message, if resolved, store the data... wish you could do all of this in one single step? Yes you can! Let’s explore a library called “ReactQuery”.

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Making the right financial decisions in your 20s

A lot of us learn about financial responsibilities later in life. But, at Skcript we wanted to make sure every individual makes smart economic decisions. Hence was born TwoCents, our monthly session on money management.

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Under-Promise / Over-Deliver Strategy for Customer Feedback

When you’re handling a crucial role in a SaaS company, you’d more likely get feedback from more sources. Sometimes, you will tend to respond to your customers' feature requests by under-promise or over-deliver. Which is not a better idea. This article covers the problem with under-promise or over-deliver.

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Using Bamboo to Send Emails in Phoenix

I’ve never encountered a web application that doesn’t send emails to users! It’s so important. Let’s look into a popular mailing library called Bamboo and see how it can be used to trigger emails in our Phoenix web application.

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Why is it Crucial to Utilize Your Product Within Your Business?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of using your product within your teams? If you don’t, I suggest you should! Let us discuss why it is crucial to utilize your product in this article. Here you go.

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Bored at work? Try Skcrolympics!

Back in the good old days, when we could meet, team activities were Uno, or cricket, or Secret Hitler. But now, going remote, like most of us during the lockdown, we were BORED and craving for human interaction. So we hosted the Skcrolympics! A one of a kind, online friendly, mini game tournament.

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Build a “Pluggable” Widget for your Webapp

Ever wanted to create an interactive widget that could just plugin to any of your webapps and work seamlessly? No? Well I’ll still write about it. In this article, I will be taking you through a step by step walkthrough on how to create a small popup widget using React and Typescript.

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Checklist to Improve your UI Design

This blog is about how to improve from good to great UI/UX Design in 10 easy steps. Beginners bookmark this page, it can help you if you are struggling to improve. I don’t wanna brag about how useful these tips are, I found them helpful so thought of sharing it with you guys. To apply these tips, make sure you read the whole blog.

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Process Documents Using Artificial Intelligence For RPA Bots

Earlier RPA bots used to have some limitations like it would take structured data for processing from excel, database, etc. But as we know most of the data in today’s world are in unstructured format and RPA bots were not able to operate on these data. But with advancements in technology like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Machine Learning, RPA bots are capable of extracting these data …

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Why is Mental Health one of the Important Issues to Address?

Mental health was one of the under spoken topics before this lockdown. After sitting at home for about six months I realized that this is one of the important issues to address not only in the work sector but also in daily living.

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Implement Dark Mode in Your Android App

Are you curious to implement the Dark Mode in Android Application? Here’s the perfect guideline to attain the Dark Mode in Android Application. Don’t waste your time; just implement and enjoy Dark Mode.

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