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Digital Transformation Is Easy To Start But Difficult To Finish. Why?

Digital transformation (DX) is on every company’s mind today. Explore this blog to know why it's easy to start DX yet so difficult to complete it.

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Building Gmail Addons

Google recently launched these cool addons for Gmail and other Google Business Products. This increases users productivity and also gives these apps an extended arm to be used in a popular tool like GSuite. In this article, I will help you build an addon for your app on Gmail.

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What type of product team should you have?

Every product had a product team but the team characteristics might change from company to company and product to product. They have their own responsibilities and structure which define the type of product team they are. Read more about what type of product team you want to be.

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Red, Green, Refactor

TDD is tricky and we need to be smart to get the maximum throughput of what TDD offers. TDD, done wrong could waste hours and will not look as effective as we would have thought. This is where the Red, Green, Refactor approach comes to save us from the pain.

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SwiftUI + WidgetKit

WidgetKit was introduced in WWDC 2020. It provides a timeline of useful content to display on your home screen. With SwiftUI and WidgetKit you can create a widget for iOS, iPadOS and MacOS with a single implementation. Let’s check out how to do this!

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RPA in Action - Industries Automating their Processes

RPA can support enterprises across various industries, automate their wide variety of tasks and meet countless benefits including cost-saving, enhanced productivity, customer loyalty, and an error-free environment.

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The SOLID Object-Oriented Design Principles

The theory of SOLID principles was introduced by Robert C. Martin (a.k.a Uncle Bob) in his 2000 paper Design Principles – and are still relevant to us today. They are five key principles that are used to design and structure a class in an object-oriented design. They are a set of rules that needs to …

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Bringing a Greater Value From RPA Across Your Organization

If you’re planning to add a successful RPA process to your organization, this article will help you with insights about the latest RPA standards and our success stories of working with clients on RPA. Read on...

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The Best Christmas Product Marketing strategies you should try

The most awaited X-mas time is nearing! Are you looking for the best Product Marketing strategies this year? We have good news! This article will help you out with clear insights on how to plan your campaigns and progress them effectively. Read on.

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How to use UIKit Views and View Controllers inside SwiftUI Views

SwiftUI is an amazing framework to build apps but at the moment it is far from complete. For things which are not ported with SwiftUI, you have to write code to communicate with UIKit to add advanced functionality. In this post you will see how to wrap UIKit views and view controllers inside SwiftUI …

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