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Concurrency In The Erlang VM

Erlang is often referred to as the “concurrency oriented programming language”. How did it get this name? How can a language created in the 80s for the telecom industry help us now? It turns out that all the reasons for which Erlang was built for is extremely useful for web servers today. We need applications to be fast and reliable - and we want it now!

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Javascript to Typescript

What is Typescript ? Well for those of you who have used Javascript as their goto preference for code might know a few things that are going to be discussed in this article. But for those who don’t, typescript is basically a superset of Javascript. This means that you can use all the syntax of Javascript and adds static typing to it.

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Why choose Elixir for software development

Elixir is growing among the web and software development community across the world. Here are some reasons to use Elixir for backend development. Learn more.

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How to get started with UI/UX Designing

Thinking about starting your career in design? Do you examine the design in everything around you? Do you love drawing or taking photos? Does the alignment of things bother you? Details matter more? Do you see all these signs? Chances are that you can be an amazing UI/UX designer. Read to know how to get started with UI/UX design in an easy and fun way.

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Custom Domain Login in Ruby on Rails

Build a system with custom domain features by maintaining the session in a multi-domain environment. Let’s see how to handle the sessions in this multi-domain environment.

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What Processes are Relevant to RPA?

The first and foremost thing we should concede is the problems that RPA solves are quite far from problems that AI solves. They can be combined together for more efficiency but their inputs and operations are different. Read more.

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Automate Multiple Excel Sheet Reporting with RPA

In the field of Automation, there are five major areas where most of the automation takes place. Some of the applications are Web Applications, Email, Excel, Citrix and other desktop applications. In this blog, we’ll see how to Automate Multiple Excel Sheets

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Meet your New Robot for Process Automation

This article explores the benefits offered by robotic process automation - giving more and more of the mundane work over to machines that can handle it well and without complaint. It introduces the concept, explores where it works best, and the value it can bring to your organization.

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The 5 books our team read during the quarantine

Have you ever experienced a book with your team? We believe that reading books and sharing knowledge with others is something more beautiful. Our Skcript team has been planning book clubs during this lockdown as a part of the team activity. Here’s how we made it happen.

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Our first-ever Fireside chat “Let’s Talk Tech” experience

We prepped and practised... of course. Here's our first-ever live fireside chat experience.

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Is RPA the Right Solution for your Organization?

Here’s everything that you need to know before adopting RPA for automating your business processes. Also, what are the most eligible business process for RPA adoption and the next steps you should take

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How to use RPA for Invoice Extraction & Processing

Invoice processing is a core operation of many organizations. It is particularly known to be repetitive, drawn and time-consuming and that makes it an excellent use-case for enterprise automation. But first, let’s understand the challenge itself.

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