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Debit/Credit Card Fraud Processing using RPA

There is a prevailing fraudulent rate of 72.8 percent per $1000, reflecting the growing growing trend of online card fraud and cybercrime. With such figures, there has never been greater need and …

Let's Automate Credit Card Processing to Enhance Customer Experience

Learn how RPA simplifies credit card processing with a high level of accuracy and compliance under minutes.

Payroll Automation using RPA

Upon entering the technical information on payments, tax calculations, and verified hours of work, robotic process automation has the potential to handle payroll administration. Read on to learn more …

How the KYC Process can be Automated using RPA in the Banking Industry?

KYC in the banking industry is a major cause of increasing costs day-by-day in efforts to comply with regulations. Here are the major processes of KYC and how RPA makes a difference.

How Attendance Management can be Automated using RPA in Education Industry

Institutional heads today are missing an integral part to simplify the administration process, and better late than never. With intellectual awakening, welcome to the world of robotic process …

Benefits of RPA in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for the Healthcare Industry

RPA and Artificial intelligence is the man of the hour and the technological advancements in this field are must know-how for people for all walks of life!

Speed up your Banking Auditing Process with RPA

RPA assists in all the stages of internal audit in banks and helps reduce the completion time, without compromising on efficiency and accuracy. Find out more.

RPA can make a difference in the Education Industry

We often tend not to realize the time, energy, and effort for repetitive mundane tasks. If technology can boost the accuracy of the otherwise mundane administrative work and makes it more efficient, …

How RPA can help in Customer Onboarding for Banking

‘The customer is always the king of the market’ and ‘the customer is always right’ are the watchwords in every business. However, what’s in store for a customer who walks into a bank and waits in long …

AI with IT Automation for a better Digital Society

Is AI a labor-displacing technological change that overtakes and outpaces human intelligence? Will it lead to the enslavement of the human race by super robots?

Use of RPA in Enterprises to create huge business impact

Deploying RPA bots in finance, HRM, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and other companies can add a huge value to the company and their customers. Learn more.

Why every HR Professional should use RPA in their organization

Using Robotic Process Automation for human resource and talent management in companies could be groundbreaking. Use-cases, case studies and more are here. Learn more.

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